Silkam Maltese

Where elegance and beauty come together



Silkam Maltese is a small, reputable hobby breeder that exclusively breeds Maltese.    We strive to produce beautiful, healthy loving companions with sound bodies and temperaments which conform to the AKC standard. 


Our name became a quest.  I wanted it to be personal (many Maltese kennel names are derived from the owner's proper names) but I also wanted to embrace a symbol of the breed.  The first thing you see is that long luxurious silk coat.  So I took Silk and added my initials to the end, thus Silkam Maltese was created. 


While I have loved showing my dogs, they are my companions first and foremost.  All dogs, even the show dogs, have the run of our house during the day and access to our bed at night.    Our puppies are home-raised with focus on a calm environment with specific efforts towards proper socialization.